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How to Clean Houseplants (Real or Fake)


Houseplants can be major dust collectors and are often an overlooked item during a cleaning routine. Keeping them clean and dust free not only improves the air quality of your home but also helps control pests and extends the life of the plant.

How to Clean Real Houseplants

Removing the dust is simple and only requires one ingredient: lukewarm water. Place plants in your sink or shower and give the entire plant a lukewarm rinse, paying close attention to the undersides of the leaves. If moving the plant is not possible, simply wipe down the leaves with a damp, clean cloth, taking care not to crack delicate areas.

If you have a fuzzy-leafed plant like an african violet, use a soft bristled toothbrush or paint brush to gently brush off dust. A great way to throughly clean these small plants is to turn them upside down, supporting the plant and the soil, and swishing them in a basin of lukewarm water. Allow to drip dry in the sun if possible.

How to Clean Silk and Plastic Houseplants

Silk plants should not be exposed to water so we will need to get creative to get them clean. In order to give our fake plants a good cleaning, you will need:

  • Salt
  • A plastic bag large enough to fit your plant
  • Rubber bands
  • An old pair of nylons
  • A vacuum with crevice tool attachment

Put your silk plant in a bag, add enough salt to cover the surface area and seal the bag. Shake the bag until the salt has adhered to the sticky/dirty areas of the plant. Remove from bag and let the salt sit on the plant for awhile, allowing it to absorb the debris. Once the salt has done its job, it is time to give the plant  the once over with your vacuum. In order to prevent the leaves of the plant from getting sucked up in the vacuum you will need an old pair of nylons and some rubber bands. Cover your vacuum attachment (the crevice tool works best) with the nylons, securing it tightly with the rubber bands. Gently vacuum the salt and debris off of each leaf until clean.

If you have plastic plants, these can be washed in the sink or shower with water and a drop of detergent or the leaves can simply be wiped down with a damp microfiber cloth.

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