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Five House Cleaning Tips for the New Parent

House Cleaning Tips for the new parent

If you are a new parent you know firsthand how hard it is keep a tidy home. The first battle is trying to find the time to clean and then when you finally do it never seems to last that long (sometimes it seems like my two young boys are conspiring against me!) With a little bit of planning and these house cleaning tips, you can take back your home and keep a little bit of your sanity.

Check Out These Simple House Cleaning Tips

1) Have one laundry day for each member of your family
TIP: Store your bed linen sets inside one of the matching pillowcases so you never have to hunt around in a messy linen closet

This will be a time saver during the laundry folding process and when you put everything away especially if you have two children close in age. I am always mixing my boys’ clothes up so this tip is a lifesaver in my home. Children four and up can easily help put their own laundry away as long as you are ok with slighty (ok, more than slightly) disheveled dresser drawers. Point is, the clothes are clean and put away which is a amazing accomplishment!

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