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They came, they ate, they STAINED! Now what?

The stains of the holiday

It happens every year. Weeks of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning to create the perfect holiday. We all do it to to create wonderful memories with family and friends and sometimes we get more than we bargained for…like stains! Eek! The good new is, if you are prepared to deal with the most common stains before they happen, chances are, you wont have an unwanted memory left behind after the party is over. For even less stress, make sure you check out our amazing deal at the end of this post to help you get through all the holidays! Read More →

Delicious Wishes for Clean Dishes

November is here and  the holidays are right around the corner.

Time for festivities, food and fun. I love this time of year but sometimes it can be stressful preparing your home for company. Having two little guys, a job and just the chores of everyday life can be a challenge on a normal day,  let alone holiday time. Read More →