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What to do when Mr. Cuddles leaves a puddle {or worse!}

How to clean pet stains

Do you ever feel like you are on your own when it comes to cleaning up pet stains?

I love animals, I really do. Growing up I had every type of pet from boa constrictors and iguanas to guinea pigs and ferrets and everything in between. I am not really sure why my parents indulged me in this passion of mine but they did and it made me one happy kid. Currently I have three cats and a dog (I just lost my parrot of 18 years this past November) so I have a pretty good idea about how messy pets can be. Ironically the night I wrote this post I woke up to my beagle barfing on my bedroom floor at 5am just to assure me of my authority on the subject. The good news is, with a couple of key ingredients and a little know how, dealing with pet stains and odor can be (almost) painless. Read More →