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5 steps to a clean, green driving machine!



Does the interior of your car look like a college dorm room after a party? Does it smell like one? If the answer is YES then…

It’s time to perform a Green Spring Clean on your car.

If your car is like mine it is full of stray papers, wrappers, old tissues, various toys and items that have made their way from the home to the car via little gremlins “aka” the children. Now is the time to check the car off your spring cleaning to do list by following these five car cleaning tips.

Step 1: De-Cluttering

The first step of the spring cleaning is a de-cluttering. Simply grab two bags; one for trash and one for items to keep and go to town. A word of caution: don’t mix these bags up or you might find yourself consoling your two year old at 2 am because you accidentally tossed out Mr. Snuggles. Go through the entire car (don’t forget storage areas and under the seats) and collect all extraneous items and trash. When you are finished with the interior, head out back to the trunk. Remove everything, tossing out garbage and setting aside unnecessary items that have collected over time. Don’t forget to promptly find a home for these items unless you want to be like me, driving around for months with a cow in your trunk

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