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How to Clean Like a Man

Clean Like a Man

I don’t know about you but nothing makes my wife happier than when I get in trenches with her and help clean our home. I figure, since I helped create the two mess monsters that create most of the housework, I should be there to help clean it up, right? Here’s the thing, I like to do things my own way…the man way. As long as it gets the job done it’s cool, right? The wife agrees so here are a some of  “Manly Cleaning Hacks” Argh!

Your dishwasher does more than just dishes.

My wife only puts dishes in our dishwasher but I have a little secret. I use it to clean lots of stuff around the house! Shhhh, don’t tell! You can maximize your dishwasher’s usefulness by cleaning more than the usual dishes. Toothbrushes, bath toys, plastic toys, baseball caps,  even your computer key board! Make sure you use a normal heat setting and place everything on the top rack.

Don’t throw those fabric sheets away!

I alway see these white squares hanging around in our laundry and always think to myself “what else can I do with these things”  So I collected them and here’s what I found out. Old dryer sheets can:

  • dust your tv screens and electronics
  • remove pet hair from furniture and clothes
  • be used as a replacement for expensive mop dusting pads
  • act as a toilet cleaner. Toss two sheets in the toilet and let sit for awhile while you clean elsewhere. When ready, scrub away toilet rings with ease.
  • clean your bathroom, Moisten a fabric sheet with a little water and rub on chrome fixtures, shower stalls, doors and curtains to remove tough scum buildup. Once your shower is squeaky clean, grab a bottle of car wax from the garage and apply to the grout and tiles to prevent scum buildup and mildew for up to a year!
  • keep your window blinds cleaner longer by wiping them down periodically. The anti-static properties of the product will actually help to repel dust and dirt.

De-gunk your stainless steel pots

I love to cook but I don’t love to clean the pots. Over time, your stainless steel pots and pans can become encrusted with gunk that is near impossible to remove. When regular sponges don’t do the the trick it’s time for something manly from the hardware store…synthetic steel wool! These can be found in the painting section of the hardware store and are a great at scrubbing away burnt on messes. Feeling kinda lazy? Grab one of your handy, dandy old fabric dryer sheets, place in your pot or pan,  fill will warm water and leave overnight. Next morning, the dried on gunk will be much easier to remove.

Use your outside tools to clean your housekeeping tools

Us manly men love our power tools and we don’t need an excuse to use them. Your vacuum needs to be cleaned for it to operate effectively and in order to do that, the hoses and unit need to be free of dust and debris. A fast and easy way to clean the hoses of your vacuum is to take it outside and break out the leaf blower. Simply remove the hose from the vacuum and use it to clear out the hose. Seconds later you will have clean hose ready for a cleaning action.

And finally, its time to grab your balls…

A new tennis ball is the perfect scuff  mark remover for floors and walls. Dampen with a bit of vinegar and water solution and rub on the marks until removed. New, clean tennis balls can also be tossed in the dryer with your comforters and towels to keep laundry fluffy and static free.

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Just had a baby? Make the switch and ditch those toxic chemicals!

Have you ever seen the look on the face of a mom when a mom-to-be makes the announcement that they are having a baby? It is a look of joy, excitement and a little bit of knowing. Veteran moms know that no matter how many videos you watch, classes you take or books you read, you are never fully prepared. Until you live with a baby, you cannot fully know what you are in for. Read More →

Steam Cleaners May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awarenessAn effort has been launched by 1-800-GO-VAPOR, a nationwide marketer of vapor steam cleaners to decrease the cost of their home steamer units in the hopes of helping to limit women’s exposure to the toxic chemicals that may, in part, be causing rates of breast cancer to increase.

“Chemicals found in traditional household cleaning products may be contributing to the rise in breast cancer according to doctors and environmental scientists,” says V. K. Dunlop, a vice president at 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com. “In 2009, The New York Times reported in ‘Cancer From the Kitchen?’ that ‘the chances that a 50 year-old white woman will develop breast cancer has increased from 1% in 1975 to 12% today.’”

One of the possible reasons for this increase is the prevalence of harsh cleaning chemicals found in use on a daily basis by homeowners, and by the companies they hire to clean their homes. While homeowners are encouraged to purchase and utilize their own steam cleaning equipment, sometimes the next best thing is to ensure that the company you hire to clean your home is using green seal, or chemical free products. For several years, Teresa’s Family Cleaning has been making the effort to spread the word of the safety benefits, and cleaning efficacy, of their green and chemical free services, and the word is starting to spread.

“A lot of our customers have been requesting our green cleaning services. Cancer patients, people that have athsma and those that are sensitive to other volatile organic compounds can have issues with standard cleaning products,” Teresa Ward, owner of Teresa’s Family Cleaning explains. “By offering green, and chemical free cleaning, which uses no other cleaning agents except water in different forms, we give people the opportunity to have a deeply cleaned home, without putting their health at risk.”

So, will chemical free cleaning catch on? The method is certainly safe, utilizing only water in various forms,  and has been proven effective, killing more than 99.9% of E. Coli, listeria, MRSA, Salmonella, Staph, and several other harmful viruses and bacteria.  For families concerned about the long term effects of the chemicals in their environment, and women looking to decrease their risk for breast cancer, switching to steam units and chemical free services may be the first step on the road to better health.