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5 Tips to Organize your Medicine Cabinet

How to to Organize your medicine cabinet Have you ever opened up your medicine cabinet and had something topple out on to the floor? If so…

It’s time to organize!

The first step in organizing any space is to go through what you have and apply the five “R”s (see 5 Tips to Organize Anything) While going through medications, check the dates of over the counter and prescription drugs and dispose of properly. It is not a good idea to flush or simply toss these items in the trash. When possible, take them to your local pharmacy for disposal. If not, crush pills and mix with used coffee grounds or kitty litter, place in a sealed bag then put in your trash. Before you toss those empty pill containers, consider repurposing them into pretty storage containers as seen below.

If you do not see a date on beauty products go by the “when in doubt, throw it out rule” If there is a change in texture, scent, color or if it separates, it should probably be tossed.

Remove all the shelves and attach a metal sheet behind them (see below) to utilize wasted vertical space. Pick up some magnetic spice containers (or make your own) to store small items that often get lost or topple over. Attach another sheet of metal to the inside of your cabinet and add magnetic strips. This is a great way to corral tweezers, scissors, bobby pins etc.

Look for containers and/or boxes to hold small items used daily like q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Try to find ones that stack and fit closely together in your space to maximize this prime real estate. Label the containers with contents and you are good to go!

Create a first aid kit or section in your cabinet so you don’t have to hunt around looking for the band aids, pain relievers, etc when someone (or you) need it quick!

Finally, take all those samples and teeny, tiny toiletries we all love to collect (you know you do!) and keep them out of the medicine cabinet. Instead, keep them in a mesh bag or the like and store them in a drawer. This way they are ready to go when you need them instead of falling all over the place when you don’t.

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