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5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Safer Lunch boxes

Send them back to school with a healthy meal in healthy containers. Make sure your child’s lunch box is made from non-toxic materials without lead paint, PVC, BPA and antimicrobial chemicals. Read More →

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Safer beverage containers

Back to school is here once again and I am in the midst of collecting the last few items of the loooong list of supplies requested. As I shopped for crayons, glue sticks and other items, I began to think about how many toxic substances my boys will be exposed to while in school. Read More →

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Schools

Green Schools

Safer schools: Back to school means many hours outside your home in a possibly toxic environment. Help detox your school by encourage your district to adopt Green Cleaning Practices. Not sure how to begin? As outlined here the first step is by starting a local group to work on issues together. The larger the the group, the louder the voice. Join your PTA and bring up your concerns at meetings. A great place to start is by discussing the elimination of toxic products and finding greener solutions to keep our kids schools clean and a non-toxic environment. Read More →

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Hygiene

Safer Hygiene

Safer hygiene: Keep them healthy while they are back in school by encouraging regular hand washing thoughout the day using hand soaps without triclosan, triclocarban or fragrance. If you decide to send your child to school with a hand sanitizer choose one that contains ethanol (ethyl alcohol) without fragrance.

Safer School Supplies?

After you detox your child's school supplies, let us give your home a Non-Toxic Green Clean. Call Teresa's Family Cleaning for an estimate today!

Teacher Tips

It’s back to school week, as you can tell by the droves of parents and children pouring into stores like Kohl’s and Target. If you’re a teacher, you know that children spend the majority of their day in school. It’s not always easy to get them excited about the new school year, so how can you start the year off right? Here are a few suggestions from local Long Island Teachers. Read More →

Green Is Good

  A new school year is just around the corner and that means teachers are getting ready to prep their classrooms for the influx of students come September. Are you a teacher looking for ways to eliminate chemical toxins from your environment? Here are three easy tips for how to do so naturally.

1. Air Out The Classroom Regularly

Enclosed spaces can actually trap germs and harmful toxins, compromising the air quality of a school environment. School buildings in today’s world employ some type of ventilation system in each classroom to keep the air clean. An effective ventilation system circulates air, so that fresh air is contained inside the classroom and toxins are kept out. Since natural air is often safer than inside air, another effective tactic is opening the windows to let in fresh air.


2. Utilize Green Cleaning Supplies At School

Studies show that childhood asthma, allergies, cancer and low air quality can actually be attributed to the toxic chemicals used in school cleaning products. Increasing awareness of the dangers associated with such cleaning agents has led to an increase in green cleaning products being put on the market. Green cleaning certified products to look out for are EcoLogo, Green Seal and Design for the Environment approved cleaners. Since they are usually made from renewable resources, they’re free of dangerous toxins that contribute to many childhood diseases contracted from school. Teachers, please make sure you send a note home to each student’s parents informing them of the green cleaning products being used, as well as the ingredients contained in each one. It is extremely important for parents to know what is being used, in case their child is allergic to a specific ingredient.


3. Natural-based Cleaning Agents

It’s extremely simple to create an effective homemade cleaning kit, free of toxic chemicals. All you need are baking soda, washing soda, white distilled vinegar, a good phosphate-free liquid soap or detergent, tea tree oil, 6 clean spray bottles and 2 glass jars. These household items are excellent all-purpose cleaners that will clean and disinfect most grimy surfaces in a school building, without compromising air quality or student wellbeing with toxic chemicals.


These are just some green cleaning tips you can try to maintain a healthy learning environment in your school building. It might be helpful to hire a green cleaning service for your school, such as Teresa’s Family Cleaning, which has an excellent reputation in green cleaning. Teresa’s uses the Activeion technology (ionized water) to kill bacteria naturally. This eradicates the hotbed of germs in your classroom, while also reducing the possibility of students becoming ill from exposure to toxic chemicals. Smart and safe!