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Organizing Services

5 Quick Tips for Organizing your life:

1) Come up with the house & organizing checklist cleaning checklist.
Organizing is the first step to cleaning.

2) Start in one place. Jumping from area to the next will get confusing
quick and you will find your self overwhelmed with uncompleted areas.

3) Take inventory- We like the rule if you haven’t used it 6 months you
probably don’t need it. (if you find your the type of person who likes
to hang on to things you may extend the rule to one year but after that
if you have not used it you probably never will.)

4) Look for wasted space- Think of creative ideas to help maximize its
potential. For instance That second dresser with all those winter
clothes can be stored in bins and slid under your bed. Once its time for
winter make the switch and store those summer clothes.

5) Flexibility & Adaptability- Choosing a storage system that your adapt
your needs as well as choosing bins that will fit in a few different
situations. Choose clear bins so it is easy to see whats inside as well
as bins on wheels so it can be easily moved from one storage area to the
next if need be. Also labels will go a long way if you happen to forget
what you have stored.