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No Dirty Spots

Keeping Your Life Energy Clean by fixing those dirty spots




by Kathleen DeDio 465 suite 1 Route 25A Miller Place NY 11764



You’re proud of your house. You have it cleaned regularly and on schedule, by the professionals at Teresa’s Family cleaning.

You’re proud of your yard, your front lawn. You water it and feed it on schedule. Now you notice you missed a few spots with the fertilizer spreader and now dull brown patches where the grass was starved of potential growth energy begin to appear.


A similar problem can happen inside of you. All the cells, organs and tissues that make up your body need an even distribution of neurotrophin (life sustaining) energy for your nerve system in order to flourish and grow. If parts of your body are deprived of this energy, likewise you’ll develop dull patches (dis-ease) on your internal lawn. Chiropractors refer to this as being “subluxated”.

The goal of chiropractic care is 100% coverage of neurotrophic life energy in your body and that is achieved by keeping your nerve system clear of blockages at the spinal level. If you don’t want ugly brown patches in your health, stay even and consistent with your chiropractic care. Call my office, Divine Chiropractic at 631 714-7300 to schedule a screening to see where you may be blocked today.

Call the professionals at Teresa’s Family Cleaning to remove any dirty spots inside your house today.