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House Cleaning FAQ

House Cleaning FAQ

House Cleaning FAQ via Teresa's Family Cleaning

Ask away! Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about L.I. Family Cleaning home and commercial green cleaning services.

Call L.I. Family Cleaning and our friendly staff will be glad to answer any other questions you have.




Yes. We will not schedule any home or commercial cleaning jobs unless we have obtained a valid credit card.  We keep this card on file in conjunction with our payment, non entry and cancellation policies.  All customers receive literature clearly stating our terms and conditions.  We are happy to accept cash and personal check for payment.  We do not bill at a later time.
We do have a cancellation policy.  Unlike most other cleaning companies you sign no contract with L.I. Family Cleaning.  The only thing we ask is that you cancel any appointments the day before by 9 am or there is a $50 cancellation fee.  Our offices are open at 8 am and we do not close till 4:30 pm – Monday to Friday. Monday appointments have until Friday by 9 am to cancel.

Will I get the same crew?::
Unless there is an absence on the crew we try to keep the same crew in our customer’s home.  If there is an absence at least one person on the crew is familiar with your home and they will fill the other person in on what’s important in your home.

If you need extra time please just call the office the day before to let us know. If you do call ahead, most times we can accommodate this request.  In turn, we appreciate being warned in advance if any of the following occur (which can make our cleaning take longer): construction in the home; the home gets very busy for a month; grandparents visiting; painting has been going on; pets have been added; a very large party; and so on.
No. We bring all our own equipment and supplies. We use only Green Seal certified products that are safest for our customers and the environment.
We GUARANTEE your satisfaction. After the first cleaning our crew leaders will ask if you would like to take a walk through the home to inspect the work.  It is strongly recommended to all of our customers that they take that walk. If anything has not met your total satisfaction, please mention it.  Our crew will rectify anything for you at this time.  If you feel that something has been neglected on a scheduled maintenance basis, just call our office within 24 hours of the service and we will return to rectify it and to take notes to ensure that it does not happen again.
After the two-hour minimum we round times off to the nearest quarter hour.  For example, if the crew in your home was there for two hours and 19 minutes, we would round that off to two hours and 15 minutes. On a schedule you are paying flat rate to clean whatever was cleaned on the initial cleaning. Each flat rate comes with a time limit that cannot be exceeded.
You can choose whatever day provided we have availability—it will then become your set day. The only set time we can promise is the 8 am arrival time because it is the first appointment of the day. You can request a morning or an after 12 noon arrival time, and we can accommodate these requests. All arrival times are approximate. We do call all customers the day before each cleaning to let them know the approximate arrival times. We give arrival times within the hour. For example between 12-2 we will come to your home. Fridays and Saturdays are two of the most popular cleaning days of the week so we ask that you remain flexible on the arrival times for these days.


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