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Charitable New Year’s Resolutions

Do you seem to make the same New Year’s Resolutions every year? Most of us declare on January 1st that this is the year they will lose weight, quit smoking, join a gym, de-clutter your home etc but by February 1st it seems like we fall back into the same old habits. This can lead to frustration and isn’t a…

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Keeping Your Holiday Green

When you think about holiday fun, you usually don’t think about recycling but, it is possible to incorporate a few simple tips into your holiday routine to keep it green. Thinking out of the box while packing one up As you make room for those holiday gifts but before you toss anything, see if it can be repurposed or recycled! Organizations like Nextsteprecycling.org will…

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How to Avoid Holiday Decoration Disasters

  A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Save yourself some time year to year by taking photos of your decorations after your have set them up. This way you have a placement guide, taking out the hassle of figuring out where everything has to go (this is extremely helpful with outdoor lights.) After taking your photos, simply print them out and…

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New Years

10 Lucky Foods for the New Year

What’s on Your Plate for the New Year? Did you know that certain foods are consumed on New Years Day in order to bring good luck in the new year? Each culture has their own unique take on this tradition so we have compiled a list to inspire your own luck in 2014. Bon Appetit!