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The Five Essential Oils you should have in your home

Essential Oils are a great way to help you steer clear of toxic chemicals in your home and on your body. From cleaning the bathroom to curing warts, essential oils have a wide range of uses. Since there are so many essential oils to choose from with hundreds of different uses, we have narrowed the choices down to five of our…

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Natural Lice Treatments

If you have school aged children, chances are you will be exposed to lice. It doesn’t matter how clean and tidy your home and children are (lice actually LIKE clean hair!) lice can be contracted by anyone, anywhere. The good news is, lice is not a health threat, the bad news is, they are a huge annoyance and can be tricky…

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Are Toxic Chemicals Linked to Autism?

  Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S., currently affecting 1 in 68 children and 1 in every 42 boys. The specific cause of autism remains a mystery but recent studies have shown that human exposure to toxic chemicals and metals in the environment seems to be an important factor along with genetics. While there is no direct link to…

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5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen With Lemons

Lemons are a versatile, effective ingredient used many homemade cleaning products. This non-toxic alternative to traditional cleaners smells great and can be used in your  kitchen, the bathroom, laundry room and even in your yard!

Create your own Chemical Free Cleaning Kit for your college bound kid

DIY Chemical Free Cleaning Kit Are you sending your “baby” off to college this year? If so, you have probably gone (or will be) shopping for all the dorm must-haves that have been advertised like crazy since July. You have the Hello Kitty lamp and the beanbag chair all ready to send off with your college student but have you considered…

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Auto detailing your car

Make Your Own Car Cleaners

Natural Car Cleaning Recipes *Please note: These are general cleaning recipes and may not be suitable for all surfaces and fabrics. Always test in an inconspicuous first before cleaning or treating the entire area.

Healthy Homemade Cleaning Products, Healthy Budget

Make Your Own Cleaning Products and Save Money! This is the time of year when we start thinking about how we indulged too much, ate too much, spent too much and how this year, it will be different! Soon those holiday bills will be rolling in and some of you will be looking to make a positive change in how you spend…

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Just had a baby? Make the switch and ditch those toxic chemicals!

Have you ever seen the look on the face of a mom when a mom-to-be makes the announcement that they are having a baby? It is a look of joy, excitement and a little bit of knowing. Veteran moms know that no matter how many videos you watch, classes you take or books you read, you are never fully prepared. Until…

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