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Trying to Lose Weight?

we encounter such a high number of people who are trying to lose weight and feel that longer workouts mean better results.

Fructose for comfort

It may be hard to go the entire winter without a sweet Georgia peach, but you’ll be doing your body a big favor by sticking with what’s fresh and local.

Veggies are good

Vegetables Taste Good!   by Bob Mittleman Owner / Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach/Running Coach & Trainer   Obvious statement alert: Eating vegetables is an essential part of a healthy diet, no bones about it. Unfortunately, vegetables don’t come with an instruction book, so many people convince themselves that as long as they’re eating a veggie, they’re doing something healthy…

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Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Sometimes, as hard as we try, we just can’t overcome those awful dietary habits that keep us from achieving the bodies we’ve always dreamed of. It’s just so easy to stress out and crush six hot dogs during a playoff game, right? Well, no, it’s not easy. It’s terrible

Don’t Count The Calories

Rather than focus on just the number of calories your crushing, try to develop a rotating workout cycle that helps keep you focused and motivated while addressing your entire body over the course of a week. Discuss more options with your Fitness Together trainer, and don’t be afraid to look beyond the calories.