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Top Tips to make your Living Room Comfy Cozy Part One

Prepping your living and family room for a makeover.

Organize Your Front Entrance

There are dozens of ways you can organize your entryway storage area, but the guiding principle should always be this: keep your front entrance and closet free of clutter and free flowing.

Get Your March On!

Now that the weather is about to change, make sure you’re ready to enjoy the rest of the year, by getting these important to-do’s out of the way.

Spring Cleaning Check List

Check List For Cleaning Tasks  

Open the Door to a Tranquil Home with an Organized Front Entrance

Front Entrance and Closet The front closet and entrance is considered one of the most important parts of the home as it sets the mood for the remaining rooms in your home. If you tense up the minute you walk in the door because you’re tripping over the leash and can’t find a place to hang your coat or put…

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Top Tips For Re-Making your Living Room into a Cozy Retreat

Family Room & Living Room Living rooms and family rooms perform many functions in our lives: they’re spaces for entertaining, rooms in which to hide away with a good book, and the place for relaxation with the family. But so often the clutter of everyday life prevents us from doing what’s most important in our living and family rooms: living!…

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Top Tips To Organizing Your Way To Laundry Cleaning Bliss

Laundry Room As a catch-all for a good number of to-dos around the house—everything from mending to stain removal to ironing to cleaning—the laundry room can be a frustrating space given the amount of clutter and disorganization that gathers there as time goes on. And since most of us can just close the door and forget about the laundry room,…

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Cultivating a Prosperous Home Office Space Using Feng Shui Tips

Home Office Feng Shui organizational principles aren’t just for bedrooms and front entrances. They can also be applied to your place of work, whether you work from home or outside of the home. A home office in particular is a great place to apply Feng Shui concepts as a well-equipped work space will promote feelings of positive energy, wellbeing, and…

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