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How to Whiten Old Tile

Tired of looking at ceramic tiles around your home? Bring them back to life by cleaning them with mopping solution of vinegar, Borax and water.

Did You See Us on Fox 5

We were so excited and honored to have been asked to be on a recent episode of The Doctor show that all of us love to watch every day! We helped show t.v. viewers where the germiest room in the house is., and gave the viewers the “secret” to help get rid of those germs. Click on the link below…

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Home Cleaning Tips Video-Remove Soy Sauce Stains

Soy sauce stains on vinyl flooring. Well, first off, the key is to wipe up the soy sauce as soon as it spills on anything.

Home Cleaning Tips Video-Metal Cleaning Solvent

The Sheila Shine cleaning solvent for metals process requires no rubbing or polishing. It is so easy, so simple, that it actually makes cleaning a pleasure, with unbelievable results!

Home Cleaning Tips Video-Getting that Smell out of your Closet

For removing the smells from clothing and linens you may have to wash everything. If it’s a nice day outside, line drying is one of the best ways to get rid of those odors. In fact, if you have removable shelves or storage boxes, put them outside and let them air out too. If you have stuffiness in the closet, and the closet smells a little musty, a good airing out will generally handle it.

Home Cleaning Tips Video-How to Remove Scuff Marks off a Wood Floor

You can’t ask everyone to remove their shoes when they enter your home, although it would be a great practice to start. But, when you encounter scuff marks left on your wood floors, don’t you wish you had a magical way to make them disappear?

Home Cleaning Tips Video-How to Remove Film from Appliances

Put a couple of drops of oil on a paper towel over the greasy surface, and watch that gunk come right off.

How to Remove Red Wine and Vomit Stains from a Carpet

Simply pour the white wine on the red wine stain and start blotting up with a white clean cloth or paper towel. Keep doing this until the stain is gone. If you don’t have any white wine then grab the vodka and it does the same thing.