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Why Should I Hire a Green Professional for Power Washing?

Summer is just about here and as we focus on the exterior of our home and business we begin to notice just how hard winter dirt and grime has affected the curb appeal. As you consider the Benefits of Power Washing, you might consider taking on this seemingly easy task yourself. Before you run out to the hardware store, take…

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Power Washing Brick Patio

How to give your home a mean, green pressure washed clean

Pressure Washing is not as easy as I thought Last summer I had the bright idea of buying a pressure washer to clean our deck, fence and siding. How hard could it be? I am an intelligent person, right? I figured I would spend a few hours in the morning sunshine and by lunchtime I would be sitting on my…

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Get that office clean!

There are so many benefits to keeping your office clean – and here are just a few! 1) A clean workspace = happy employees! No one wants to walk into a dirty office – coffee grounds on the counter, full trash cans, dirty floors… It brings down morale and in turn productivity! 2) Keep illness at bay! A clean office…

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Modern Cleaning: The Evolution of Home Cleaning

Modern Cleaning, a digital hub for chemical free cleaning, offers an alternative approach to traditional chemical cleaners for consumers as well as cleaning professionals.   Years of experience in the residential cleaning industry, relationships with innovative industry equipment providers, and an embrace of the latest advancements in science and technology culminated in the development of a proven and tested cleaning…

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