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Behind the Scenes Green Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full bloom and we are all enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather after a long and dull winter. As we start to open our windows for fresh air and venture outside more, a lot of us feel more energized and start thinking about Spring Cleaning. For most of us, this might mean going through toys, the garage, your…

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Baking soda

DIY Non Toxic Cleaning Recipes

Having the right tools and some great cleaning recipes is all you need for a clean, green home. When you combine our DIY Chemical Free Cleaning Kit with these non toxic cleaning recipes below, you will have everything you need to keep your home clean without costly chemicals. If you have a favorite recipe not seen here we would love to hear…

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Why Should I Hire a Green Professional for Power Washing?

Summer is just about here and as we focus on the exterior of our home and business we begin to notice just how hard winter dirt and grime has affected the curb appeal. As you consider the Benefits of Power Washing, you might consider taking on this seemingly easy task yourself. Before you run out to the hardware store, take…

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How to Clean Houseplants (Real or Fake)

Houseplants can be major dust collectors and are often an overlooked item during a cleaning routine. Keeping them clean and dust free not only improves the air quality of your home but also helps control pests and extends the life of the plant. How to Clean Real Houseplants Removing the dust is simple and only requires one ingredient: lukewarm water. Place plants in your sink…

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How to Clean a Steam Iron

How is your steam iron looking these days? Have you ever ironed a light colored item only to leave discoloration behind? If the answer is “yes” you need to give your iron a spring cleaning! It is so simple and you will be surprised to learn that we will only need two ingredients: baking soda and vinegar. Step 1:  Saturate…

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How to Clean a Wooden Knife Block

When was the last time you cleaned your wooden knife block? Weeks, months, years, never? It’s ok, I won’t tell. Your wooden knife block is one of those things that we don’t think about cleaning but we should. Crumbs, dust and bacteria can and will find their way into those tiny slots so we need to make sure we clean…

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5 Tips to Organize your Medicine Cabinet

Have you ever opened up your medicine cabinet and had something topple out on to the floor? If so… It’s time to organize! The first step in organizing any space is to go through what you have and apply the five “R”s (see 5 Tips to Organize Anything) While going through medications, check the dates of over the counter and…

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Towel Stack

5 Tips to Organize Your Linen Closet

Before you begin to organize your linen closet… Go through everything currently in the closet and determine what you need and what you don’t (see last week’s post 5 Tips to Organize Anything for tips)