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Peanut Free Snacks for School

If you have a child in school, you have probably been asked to only bring in peanut free or safe snacks. Those of us who don’t have kids with allergies might be wondering what exactly is a “safe snack” and how to tell when one is or isn’t.  A safe snack is one that is free from the most common…

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5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Safer Lunch boxes

Send them back to school with a healthy meal in healthy containers. Make sure your child’s lunch box is made from non-toxic materials without lead paint, PVC, BPA and antimicrobial chemicals.

5 non toxic back to school tips | Teresa's Family Cleaning

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Safer beverage containers

Back to school is here once again and I am in the midst of collecting the last few items of the loooong list of supplies requested. As I shopped for crayons, glue sticks and other items, I began to think about how many toxic substances my boys will be exposed to while in school.

Green Schools

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Schools

Safer schools: Back to school means many hours outside your home in a possibly toxic environment. Help detox your school by encourage your district to adopt Green Cleaning Practices. Not sure how to begin? As outlined here the first step is by starting a local group to work on issues together. The larger the the group, the louder the voice. Join your PTA and…

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Back to school

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: School Supplies

Safer school supplies:  PVC, is found in many back to school supplies, including plastic lunch boxes, backpacks, and organizers. This chemical is linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and immune system damage. Avoid the number 3 recycling symbol, which signifies a PVC product and choose non-plastic products, organizers with wood or paper covers, and cardboard 3-ring binders. Skip scented markers and pens…

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Safer Hygiene

5 Non-Toxic Back to School Tips: Hygiene

Safer hygiene: Keep them healthy while they are back in school by encouraging regular hand washing thoughout the day using hand soaps without triclosan, triclocarban or fragrance. If you decide to send your child to school with a hand sanitizer choose one that contains ethanol (ethyl alcohol) without fragrance.

Tetanus and Superstorm Sandy

Disasters Like Super Storm Sandy Increase Risk of Getting the Flu. Over the summer, we talked about how August was deemed National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) in order to spread awareness of how important immunizations are for both children and adults. The CDC supports and encourages the efforts of state and local health departments to use NIAM to promote back to school immunizations for children…

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Teacher Tips

It’s back to school week, as you can tell by the droves of parents and children pouring into stores like Kohl’s and Target. If you’re a teacher, you know that children spend the majority of their day in school. It’s not always easy to get them excited about the new school year, so how can you start the year off…

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