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Behind the Scenes Green Spring Cleaning

Behind-the-Scenes--Green-Spring-CleaningSpring is in full bloom and we are all enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather after a long and dull winter. As we start to open our windows for fresh air and venture outside more, a lot of us feel more energized and start thinking about Spring Cleaning. For most of us, this might mean going through toys, the garage, your closets, etc but have you thought about the dirt and buildup “Behind the Scenes” in your home? Sometimes its the dirt you cannot see that could cause the most amount of trouble.

Cleaning your power outlets

We probably don’t think about cleaning power outlets often but we should. Dirt, dust and pet hair can easily build up in the crevices over time. Now would be a great time to inspect your outlets to make sure they are functioning properly and give them a cleaning if needed. First, shut the power (safety first!) then remove the plate cover. If damaged, very old and beyond cleaning it’s best to replace them. Vacuum the outlet if excessively dusty/full of hair then dab a clean cloth (do not saturate) in a 50/50 vinegar solution and carefully wipe the outlet down.  Wipe down outlet cover with 50/50 vinegar solution, then replace. All clean!

Cleaning your Vacuum

Yes, you do need to clean your vacuum! Your vacuum works hard to keep your home clean and in order for it to work properly and for a long time it needs to be cleaned on a regular base. Learn How to Clean a Vacuum here.

Keeping your Air Ducts Clean

When was the last time you cleaned the air ducts in your home or office? If you’re stumped for the answer this post is for YOU! Duct cleaning involves the  cleaning of all heating and cooling system components of forced air systems which includes the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles/diffusers, heat exchangers, heating/cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and housing, along with the air handling unit housing. Mold, pollen, dust and dust mites get trapped in these area and can cause air quality issues, especially for those who have respiratory issues or allergies. Learn how you can Keep Your Air Ducts Clean here.

How to Clean your Dryer Vent

Keeping your dryer vent clear and clean is extremely important. According to the The Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are over 15,000 clothes dryer fires occurring in North America every year so it is of utmost importance to make sure your vents (indoors and outside) are clean and inspected at least once a year.

Start by unplugging your dryer or turn off the gas if you have a gas dryer. Remove your lint trap and remove any lint from the screen. Use a dryer vent brush (available online and at most home improvement stores) to remove any residual lint left in the trap. Follow up with a shop vac or vacuum cleaner attachment to collect any residual lint left behind.

The next part might be tricky if you aren’t handy. You need to disconnect and clean the dryer’s exhaust duct tube. You can pay a professional if you aren’t comfortable taking your dryer apart but this tutorial walks you through it and it’s pretty easy, even for a novice. Either way, it needs to be cleaned for efficiency and safety.

Keeping your Washing Machine Clean

You might not think that your washing machine needs to be cleaned but in reality, cleaning and maintaining it can mean the difference between a machine that runs well or an  expensive service call (or worse!) It only takes a few simple steps to keep your machine working well and keeping those service calls to a minimum. As with any appliance, keeping it clean and maintained will keep it operating at its optimal performance over time. Lean How to Clean Your Washing Machine here.

There you have it! If you have any tips on keeping the Behind the Scenes of your home clean, we would love to hear them. Simply comment below.


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  1. Very useful post! It reminded me of so many important stuff at home that have to be cleaned ASAP. Thanks for the cleaning ways!